Can You Pick the Body of Water That Borders the Country?

By Zoe Samuel on June 07, 2018

About This Quiz

Conventional wisdom has it that there are seven seas, but anyone with a good knowledge of geography knows that there are in fact lots and lots of seas. There are also (at least) six oceans, a plethora of gulfs, countless lakes, and a veritable horde of rivers. All of these bodies of waters form borders to various nations all over the world, and with 195 countries to tackle, that means it's virtually impossible to know which body of water lies beside which country... or is it?

Most Americans know that the United States' water borders are the Atlantic and Pacific oceans (so sorry, you can't get points for knowing that one) - but how many people know which sea or seas form Italy's coastlines? What's the name of the ocean in which Sri Lanka is found? Which sea separates China from Japan? How about the many river borders in the world, such as the one between South Africa and Botswana, the one between Mexico and Belize, or the very big one in South America that separates Colombia from Peru? If you know all of these, you're definitely a geography expert, so click on through and let's see how many bragging rights you can claim!

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