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Build a Salad and We'll Guess Where in the U.S. You Live
It's no secret that every region of the U.S. has its own tastes. The flavors you choose can tell a lot about you. That's why if you build a salad, we'll be able to guess where in the U.S. you live.
Which State Do Your Manners Belong In?
The United States may be united, but that doesn't mean each state doesn't have their own cultural standards. Tell us about your manners, and we'll figure out where you fit!
Can We Actually Guess Which State You Live In?
You live in one of America's 50 excellent states. You may think America is monocultural, but it is a diverse nation, each state bringing some unique to the melting pot. With a few short questions we can accurately guess which state you live in.
Can We Accurately Guess Which State You Live In?
We won't just come out and ask you where you live. That wouldn't be any fun! Instead, we'll get it right by seeing your answers.
Which Norse God or Goddess Reflects Your Soul?
You're not some piddling mortal! You are a god! Well, a Norse god anyway. Which Norse god or goddess reflects your soul? Take this quiz to find out!
Which Egyptian Goddess Best Matches Your Personality?
Have you ever thought about what you would be like as a goddess, worshiped in some ancient polytheistic civilization such as Ancient Egypt? What powers would you have? What characteristics would you be known for? Find out which Egyptian goddess matches your personality by taking this quiz!
Can You Identify The Country From Three Images?
You really have to know a combination of history and geography to ace this test. Are you ready to see how many countries you can identify from their landmarks?
What Would Your Gaelic Name Be?
With the soaring popularity of Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, people are wondering what Gaelic name might be the right fit for them. Let's find out if you're a Conor, an Oisin, a Saoirse or a Maebh.
What Would Your Job Have Been in Medieval Europe?
We're heading back to the age of castles and traveling minstrels. Let's find out what vital position to everyday life in the Middle Ages best fits your personality and skills.
Where in England Should You Live?
England isn't just London. It contains more regional accents, local attractions, and history than you can shake a stick at. Incidentally, shaking sticks is an old English tradition. Where in England should you live?
Could You Live in Australia? Let's See How High You Score on This Quiz!
It's the land down under! Sure, you know it for its kangaroos and the Outback, but how well do you really know the country? Take the quiz to find out!
How Many Can You Get Right on This British Geography Quiz?
If you can do more than identify where London is on a map, you're probably ahead of most people. Let's find out how you do on this British geography quiz!
Can We Guess Which Part of the UK You're From?
It's hard to shake your roots no matter where you're from! That's why we will know what part of the UK you're from by the way you respond to our questions!
Take This "Yes or No" Food Quiz and We Will Guess Whether You're More British or American
Are y'all hankering for a mighty fine chunk of rib eye, or simply gasping for a lovely jubbly cuppa? Let's find out!
Can You Match the Royal to Their Country?
The world has always been fascinated with royal families. From England to Bhutan, royal families extend across the globe. How much do you know about the world's royalty? Take this quiz to see if you can figure out which country each royal comes from.
What Kind of Ancient Female Warrior Are You?
History might have done its best to erase them, but we know they've always been with us. What sort of female fighter are you?
Can You Get More Than 11 Right on This Difficult North American Geography Challenge?
Welcome to North America, home to almost every climate you can imagine! Think you're an expert on the continent? Then it's time to prove it by taking this quiz!
What Kind of Spellcaster Are You?
Magic has many permutations, many paths. Which specialty of thaumatology is your discipline? Take this quiz to find out!
Can We Guess Where in Britain You Live Based on How You Speak?
Deciphering British people's backgrounds is a matter of accent, to be sure, but it's also about your vocabulary and idiom. Tell us a little about the words you use, and how you say them, and we'll place you within 50 miles.
Can You Pass This Very British Food Quiz?
You may like food, but can you name all of these British foods? From bangers and mash to trifles, British foods have made their stake in the culinary world. Think you've got what it takes to match the images of these popular British foods to the answer? Take this quiz to find out!