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91% of People Can't Name All of These Side Scroller Video Games From a Screenshot. Can You?
You remember those games where you could only move from left to right, right? Well, they're making an appearance in this quiz today. Do you really know them like you think you do?
Can You Match Mother Daughter Duo to the TV Show?
Mother-daughter duos have been acted out on television and in film for decades, but how well have you been paying attention to the shows that they come from?
Can You Get 28/35 on This Tricky A-Z Movie Quiz?
You might know your ABC's, but what about when it comes to film? There have been thousands of films that have premiered in theaters, but can you get 28/35 on this tricky A-Z movie quiz?
Can You Complete the Lyrics to These Traditional Folk Songs?
This quiz is your quiz. This quiz is my quiz! If you're into a classic sound, you might be a fan of folk music. From Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan, can you complete the lyrics to these traditional folk songs?
Only 1 in 30 People Know Which Countries These Royals Come From. Can You?
Their reign may not be what it was a couple of centuries ago, but these royals are very important in many societies. How well do you know what country they rule? Take this quiz to find out!
Only a True Emo Kid Can Complete These Lyrics
"That's what you get when you..." play this quiz! The early 2000s was ripe with some of the greatest emo bands and songs. From Green Day to Taking Back Sunday, only a true emo kid can complete these lyrics. Can you?
Can You Name These Katy Perry Hit Songs from the Lyrics?
Maybe you sing Katy's hits in the car or maybe you've heard them playing on the radio. Think you know her lyrics? Let's see if you're hot or you're cold by taking this quiz!
Can You Get 30/35 on This Extremely Hard TV Drama Quiz?
Can you get to the top of this "Game of Thrones?" Drama is definitely one of the most popular TV genres. From some of the greatest shows of all time, can you ace this extremely hard TV drama quiz?
Which M*A*S*H Character Was It?
The 4077th is inhabited by all sorts of neurotic human beings struggling with the desperate realities of the Korean War. Can you read these descriptions and name the correct M.A.S.H. characters?
Only 1 in 22 People Can Name All of These Pokemon From an Image. Can You?
Hundreds of Pokemon have been created and over the last two decades, and we've seen them all. How well can you identify these creatures? Take this quiz to find out!
Only 1 in 39 People Can Name All of These Movies from Their Dragon. Can You?
Are you a dragon rider or a dragon slayer? Get ready to test your knowledge of the most fearsome legendary monsters to ever hit the big screen - dragons! Let's see if you can name the movies that these dragons have appeared in!
Only 1 in 19 People Can Identify These Celebrities from a Close-Up of Their Facial Hair. Can You?
Let’s face it, some guys do face-fur better than others. Celebrities like Russell Brand, Idris Elba and Jeff Bridges, for instance, have built enviable signature styles around the mustachioed and bearded look. If you’re a fan of stars who sport manly facial fuzz we have the perfect quiz for you. Do you think you can identify each of these celebrities from a close-up of their facial hair?
Only 1 in 17 Fans Can Tell Which Decade This Disney Animation Is From. Can You?
Have you been watching Disney's animation evolve over the decades? Well, we're testing that today. Are you enough of a Disney fan to tell us which decades these animations are from?
Everyone Has a Disney Song That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours
Disney is known for their catchy tunes, but which one best matches your personality? There's one for everyone, so take this quiz to find out which one it is!
Everyone Has a Movie Villain That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours
With so many villains out there and more being created every year, there has to be at least one that matches your personality. Who will it be? Only one way to find out!
Can We Guess Which Hogwarts House You Were Sorted Into?
With so many Hogwarts sorting quizzes out there, everyone knows which house they are sorted into. Can this quiz correctly guess which house it was? Let's find out!
We Can Guess Your Hogwarts House Based on Your Favorite '90s Cartoons!
Whether you tuned in to Nickelodeon, PBS, Fox or Cartoon Network, these were the shows that got us ready for the phenomenon known as Harry Potter. Which house will your preferences point us to?
Everyone Has an '80s Disney Movie That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours
Do you dream of leaving your hometown behind and going out to see the world? Maybe you'd rather explore a virtual universe from the comfort of your couch. Either way, we've got a movie that's a perfect fit for you.
Which Harry Potter House Do You Belong in Based on Your MBTI?
In this version of J.K. Rowling's classic children's books, the Sorting Hat has a distinctive Jungian influence. Let's find out your MBTI and match you up with the house where that type would fit perfectly.
Everyone Is a Combo of One Harry Potter and One Disney Character — Who Are You?
The creations of J. K. Rowling and Walt Disney cover a wide range of personality types. In combination, these archetypes can be used to describe anyone! Which combination are you?