Can You Name These JRPGs From An Image?

By: Mark Laufgraben
Image: Youtube via NoRank

About This Quiz

HEALMORE! From the simple pixels of the original Famicom all the way to the extraordinary blast processing of today's PS4, JRPGs continue doing what they've always done: telling stories to move our hearts and offering tight gameplay to sharpen our minds. We can still remember the first steps we took, blinking into the sunlight from Corneria Castle in Final Fantasy, or the first slime we faced in Dragon Quest. More than mere dots on a screen, these were the tales that filled our childhoods. Stories that we ourselves were part of!

Every frame shown here is someone's special memory. Every one of these JRPGs represent hours of playing, thinking, dreaming and smiling as we walked through these strange, wonderful worlds forged by people from far so away. These JRPGs are so much more than clicking a choice on a menu or timing a button press at the right time - they were laughs with best friends, with brothers and sisters, and maybe even parents. They were torn, glossy manuals, carefully slotted away into oblong plastic boxes. They were pages of notebook or even graph paper filled with doodles and checklists, reminders of mysteries and clues to investigate: be sure to check out that chest once you have the master key!

And now, here they all are again. Dare you continue? Of course you do. Heroes never turn back from a challenge!

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