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General Trivia

Place These Foods in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess Which Part of the US You're From
Are you from the south or do you hail from the Midwest, or maybe you hail from somewhere in between? Place these foods in Heaven or Hell and we'll tell you exactly where you're located in the US.
Answer These Questions and We'll Guess What Kind of Doughnut You Are
Donuts come in many shapes and sizes, and we're here to tell you which one you are today. Are you the kind that's glazed, frosted, sugared or something else entirely? Take this quiz to find out!
Can We Guess Your Soul Food?
Whether we realize it or not, our souls are more than a mysterious entity represented by gemstones or colors. We have such an intense relationship with food - there has to be a soul food that matches us more!
What Tattoo Reflects Your Inner Goddess?
Your inner goddess demands attention! She demands expression! She demands she is acknowledged! What tattoo reflects her? We know! Do you want to find out?
How Fashionable Are You on a Scale of 1-10?
Some people have and some people don't. Whether or not you care about who's impressed by your outfit choices, it never hurts to know how fashionable you truly are. So do exactly that in this quiz.
Answer These Yes or No Questions and We'll Guess Your Ideal Haircut
Yes or no for the hairstyle you've been looking for your entire life? Sounds like a pretty good deal to us! Answer these simple yes or no questions and we'll tell you what your ideal haircut is.
Build a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess Your Ideal Haircut
Don't see the connection between Taco Bell and a haircut? It's super simple. Taco has four letters and hair has four letters. Tacos taste good, a haircut makes you look good. Take the quiz and find out what haircut awaits!
Place These Foods in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess If You Prefer McDonald's or Burger King
Are you Team McDonald's or Team Burger King? Tell us if you think these foods belong in Heaven or Hell, and we'll guess which fast food joint is your favorite.
What Should Your Everyday Makeup Look Be?
So many looks to choose from, but which one should you make your own? This quiz will tell you which makeup look you should make your signature.
Place These Foods in Heaven or Hell and We'll Guess Which Food You Hate the Most
If you've ever bitten into a bad piece of meat, you may have cursed it into oblivion. Place these foods in heaven or hell and we'll guess exactly which food you hate the most.
Can We Guess the State You Live In Based on the Foods You Hate?
There's a good chance that despising okra means you are not a southerner. Tell us all about the foods you find vile, awful, and disgusting, and we'll be able to accurately guess the state in which you live!
Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Guess Which Harry Potter Tattoo Is Right for You
We want to know all about you, just like you know all about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Tell us exactly what we want to know, and we'll tell you which symbol, person, creature or quote you should have tattooed on your body. Do we have a deal?
Can We Guess Which High School Stereotype You Are?
If there is one thing we all remember about high school, it was all of the different stereotypes that everyone was boxed into. Which one was yours?
Can We Guess the Fast Food Restaurant That Matches Your Personality?
Whether you embody the slogan of "I'm Lovin' It" or you're all about the philosophy of "Live Mas", we've got an iconic fast food joint that you can really sink your teeth into.
Can You Get a Perfect Score on This Common Phrases Quiz?
If you're an avid listener of lingo, you won't have a problem scoring big on this quiz. It will be a piece of cake. It will be like taking candy from a baby. It will be like shooting fish out of ... you get the point. Go on, you can get a perfect score - it's a breeze.
What Underrated Piercing Should You Get?
Some things, like piercings, are so underrated that they are actually cool. After you take this quiz, we'll let you know which underrated piercing you should get the next time you go under the gun!
Can You Define These Fashion Terms?
Metallic lace, fashion faux pas no-no's, jabots and appliques are terms that shine in this quiz. Look for the patterns and find the common threads among these and other fashion terms and you should score big!
Can You Name All of These 1953 School Supplies?
We've come a long way in the world of education. Some of these 1953 school supplies may surprise you. Others you might still use today.
Can You Name These Southern Foods From an Image?
We can't promise you that you won't be hungry by the end of this quiz, but we can promise that we'll be extremely impressed if you know the difference between grits and polenta. Show us that you know the names of all these Southern foods in this quiz.
What Does Your Taste in Soul Food Say About Your Personality?
Soul foods have deep history, but they're also very delicious. We want you to tell us which ones you love and the ones you can't stand and we'll tell you what it says about you.