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Which Mystical Animal Is Secretly Your Best Friend?
A best friend is like the other half of your puzzle piece, the one person you can count on in the face of all life's ups and downs. If you've been looking for yours in mere mortals, though, you've been doing it all wrong. So, which mystical animal should be your BBF4L?
What Color of Cat Guards Your Heart?
If you were to ask a cat lover what kind of animal guards their heart, they'd answer a cat, hands down. But the question is, what color cat? Take this quiz to find out.
What % Grumpy Cat Are You?
If your face always looks like a smile that is turned upside down, you might be the grumpy cat in human form. Tell us more about how your life sucks with this grumpy quiz!
Which Dinosaur Is Your Soul Guardian?
Do you have the fierce heart of a T-Rex, or are you just trying to find the next tasty batch of leaves and berries to munch on? Give us the scoop on your personality and we'll tell you which dinosaur has most influenced your spirit.
What Predator Do You Turn Into When the Sun Goes Down?
Humans haven't developed that far beyond other creatures on the planet. Like most animals, the urge to hunt and stalk the prey around us remains. Find out which natural predator you are most like!
Could Your Dog Be a Pawlice Officer?
Inside the heart of every brave canine is the desire to walk the beat as a Pawlice Officer, tracking down lost toys and keeping other pets in line. Does your best friend have what it takes to make it through doggy police academy? Tell us about them, and we'll let you know.
Which Fierce Beast Lives Within You?
No matter how calm, cool and collected you may think you are, there is something inside of you that is ready to come out when it needs to. Can we guess which fierce beast lives within you? Answer these questions to find out.
What Jungle Cat Are You Really, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality?
How do you prowl and growl through your life? Is it with the extroversion of tiger stripes or the introversion of a jaguar in the jungle night? After you finish this quiz, your Myers-Briggs personality type will let you know. You need to get started right meow, though!
Norse Animal Personality Quiz
Thanks to the Marvel movies, everyone knows Thor and Loki, but real Norse mythology is all a veritable zoo, jam-packed with powerful and interesting animals. Want to know what one best matches your personality? Take the quiz and see!
Which Celtic Animal Guards Your Soul?
Even when you aren't looking, your soul is hard at work steering your thoughts and your life's decisions. Thankfully, you have a Celtic animal making sure that you are kept out of harm's way. Which one is it? You'll have to take the quiz to find out!
Which Breed of Horse Guards Your Heart?
Horses were domesticated about 6,000 years ago, which means they've seen humans grow and change a heck of a lot. If there's an animal you can trust, it's a horse. Want to know which horse guards your heart? Take the quiz and see!
Are You a T-Rex, Triceratops or Velociraptor, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality?
Dinosaurs came in all shapes and sizes, adapted to hunt in and survive an ancient climate very different from our own. What can the Myers-Briggs personality test reveal about which breed of dinosaur you are? Take this quiz and find out!
Tell Us About Your Feelings Toward These Snakes and We'll Guess Your Spirit Animal
There are over 3,000 kinds of snakes out there, from the most harmless garter snake to the deadliest mamba. You have to like some more than others, right? Tell us your feelings on some snakes, and we'll tell you what your spirit animal is!
What Kind of Bloodsucker Are You?
The world is full of critters that eat plants and seeds and yet others that eat meat. And then there's that special subset of animals that just need to feast on your blood like little vampires. Want to know what kind of bloodsucker you are? Take the quiz!
Which Killer Beast Is Your Soul Guardian?
When it comes to guarding your very soul you really need to enlist something that has the power and ability to get the job done right. A pug just won't cut it! You need a beast. A killer beast! Want to know which one has your back? Take the quiz and find out!
Can You Identify This Animal by Its Ears?
If you're an animal lover, you probably already have your favorites in the animal kingdom. You can probably even identify various species by sight, but can you identify these animals by their ears?
Answer These Relationship Questions and We'll Give You Your Spirit Animal
Even if you're not currently in a relationship, this love quiz will help us determine how you would be in your ideal relationship. Whether you would be quiet and clever or outgoing and funny, everyone has a secret spirit animal that represents their true personality in a relationship!
What Zodiac Animal Are You?
There are seven animals on the zodiac, each one representing some unique and interesting qualities that you probably have in yourself. And let's be honest, wouldn't life be more exciting and stress-free as an astrologically-charged animal? Yes! Take the quiz and find out which one you are!
Are You a Fox, Wolf or Dog Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality?
So you have the personality of a canine? Come tell us a bit about your personality so that we can tell you whether you're a fox, wolf, dog or something more.
See If You Can Identify These Common Land and Sea Creatures!
We've got a mixture of animals for you today, some who love the land and some who can't stand it -- quite literally, too. Show us that you know the names of this variety of land and sea creatures, and we'll call you an animal expert. Do we have a deal?