Most People Can't Name These Ford Models From an Image. Can You?

By: Monica Lee
Image: By Paul Rand by prototype current form graphics image Ford in 1966 [1]. This vector image was created with the original form in CorelDraw ver. X4 and ver. X5. In its final form in inkscape. This vector image was created with Inkscape by Lispir and dg). (SVG based on this image)], via Wikimedia Commons

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On June 16, 1903, the Ford Motor Company opened its doors in Dearborn, Michigan and the streets were never the same again. The company had spent almost all of its investment money a month later, when it sold the first Ford Model T car. Fortunately, the Ford Motor Company was able to turn a profit three months later. And with that, Henry Ford was thinking big right away. Not more than a year had passed, and the Ford Motor Company of Canada was founded. It would sell cars to Canadians and to the then-British Empire. Coincidentally, the company was located in Ontario across from Ford's existing facilities on the Detroit River. 

From revolutionizing cars to revolutionizing assembly lines, hourly pay, and standard working hours (8 instead of 9 hours), Ford was a name that meant innovation. Best of all, the Model T was a top seller from 1908 to 1927, with more than 15 million cars sold. 

Today, the Ford Motor company has changed along with the world and its driving needs. From SUV's to trucks, vans, hybrids and electric models, you can probably find a Ford in any corner of the world. In fact, this quiz takes Ford models from Australia, Britain and other countries, both recent and old models. But the question is, how many of these Ford models can YOU recall when given an image? Find out if you are in the top 9% of the population who can get all the answers correct. Start your engines and see how quickly you can complete this quiz!

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