Can You Identify These Thoroughbred Horses?

By: Olivia C.
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About This Quiz

So you think you know what a thoroughbred horse is? Well, there's more to them than meets the eye, that's for sure!

Horse breeding is a centuries-old trade, and horses are cross-bred to produce specific qualities for specific purposes. When we talk about thoroughbred horses, that's basically the line of horses bred specifically for horse racing. At least that was their initial intent!

The thoroughbred horse traces its historical lineage to Europe. England wanted sturdier horses for their races, so specific horses with sturdy pedigree were developed there. That was in the 1600s and 1700s. 

But the thoroughbred horse didn't merely stay in England. With breeding comes exporting, and the new pedigree was sold all around the world, wherever there was a demand. 

Other countries soon saw a need for these sturdy animals, and they started to cross-breed their own. Therefore, thoroughbred pedigree horses are not only bred for race purposes, but also for other purposes where their characteristics are needed. 

The result today is a wide variety of horse breeds that have the thoroughbred line in them. And boy, there are many of them! Try your hand at recognizing these thoroughbred horses from around the world. We promise you'll get a kick out of this quiz!

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