Only a True Car Fanatic Knows These Motoring World Records. Do You?

By Steven Symes on June 11, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you read Guinness World Record results religiously? Are you always taking note of the latest motoring records being set? 

World records have a certain allure, both for those who strive to set them, and people who like to watch the attempts or read up on them. Being the first to do something, or edging out a previous record to set a new one can be exhilarating, almost like beating an opponent in a flat-out race around a track. We usually hear about the successful attempts, but remember there are just as many, if not more, attempts that fall short.  

Of course, there are the more traditional records, like the fastest-accelerating production car, lap records for famous laps, and the most horsepower produced by a production engine, to name a few. Those are fun and interesting to follow, and sometimes the successful attempts make their way into mainstream news. But if that's all you're sticking to, you're definitely missing out. There are plenty of records relating to vehicles, including some that are just plain strange, like eating a certain amount of cheese while under a car. 

Test your knowledge of the many motoring world records by taking this quiz right now! 

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