Only 1 in 12 People Can Answer All of These Questions About Venomous Snakes!

By Staff Author on August 01, 2018

About This Quiz

According to the World Health Organization, of the more than 600 species of venomous snakes found on earth, only about 200 can do any real damage to humans,  But when they do damage it's mind-blowing. For instance, the king cobra can take down an elephant! This deadly snake delivers enough neurotoxins to kill an Asian elephant, as well as about 50 percent of the humans it bites. You DON'T want to meet it face to face. Even if you stand at a solid six feet tall, this snake can be up to three times your size, reaching 18 feet. Yes, it's the world's longest venomous snake. And that's just one of the snakes you'll slither up to in this quiz. 

Meet the black mamba -- it has one of the fastest-acting venoms. This serpentine creature doesn't have to wait long to ingest its prey. It has a bite that can kill a person in less than 30 minutes! Slip through the domain of snakes and you'll cover the world. It seems they are adaptable to every nook and cranny on earth, from land and sea, to desert and jungle. Meander though this quiz and you'll learn something fascinating about each creepy crawler. But don't slink around, take it now! 

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