How Much Do You Really Know About Horses?

By Zoe Samuel on June 07, 2018

About This Quiz

Horses used to be pretty much essential to a functioning society. Getting from A to B with any sort of speed, carrying any significant amount of freight, or simply lording it over the peasants was pretty much impossible without a horse. Horses were friends, workers, status symbols and assets. A good stable was a key part of any working farm or estate. In cities, as late as 1910, there were emergency meetings about what to do about all the horse dung that was clogging up the streets and would inevitably destroy the city entirely in another generation due to growth in the horse population. However, once cars came of age, it only took 15 years for them to almost entirely displace horses on our roads. Now horses are almost entirely used for recreation, outside of a few landscapes where they still work. They are amenities and companions instead of industrial cogs.

While everyone loves horses - at a distance if not up close - not everyone truly knows them. Knowing all about how to care for a horse is one thing, but knowing how horses got here and how they grow and function is the sign of a true horse lover. Are you one? Let's find out!

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