Do You Know How Much Sun These Flowers Need?

By Khadija L. on July 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Much like humans who need food to survive, plants also have requirements that they need to thrive. In addition to water and soil, they also need some type of exposure to sunlight in order to grow and survive. It is required for photosynthesis, a process by which sunlight is used to synthesize food from carbon dioxide and water.

When buying plants, they often come with tags which say what their requirements are, one of which includes its sun requirements. The four main types include full sun, partial sun or shade, full shade, and all sun types.

According to, full sun means that the plants require at least six to eight hours of direct sun expose every day. Partial sun and partial shade are determined to be at six hours of direct sun exposure, while full shade means that the plant does not need direct sunlight. There are also plants that are capable of growing in all different types of sunlight. 

Do you know what are the sun requirements of some of the most popular plants? If you were given images of these plants, would you be able to tell how much sun they need to grow? There's only one way to find out. Take the quiz now!

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