Do You Know How Manual Transmission Cars Work?

By Steven Symes on June 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Can you drive stick? Are you able to double-clutch, instead of driving like your grandmother? Are you constantly refining how you work that clutch pedal?  True gearheads of decades past could make a high performance car almost jump straight up in the air with an expertly executed popping of the clutch. Do you know what that means?

Believe it or not, a growing number of drivers don't know how to drive stick. There have been multiple reports in the news lately of would-be car thieves and carjackers who weren't able to take the vehicle simply because it had a manual transmission. Shifting gears yourself is fun, and it provides more control over how a car handles on the road, something people who don't know how to drive stick simply don't understand. If you know how to drive a manual, you're also not limited in the selection of vehicles you could potentially drive, which is another big plus. 

Really mastering a manual transmission is easier if you understand how it works. Not only will you shift smoother, you won't engage in bad habits that will wear out the transmission or clutch prematurely. There's a lot going on inside the transmission, so how much do you know about it all? Take the quiz now to find out! 

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