Can You Identify These Toy Brand Logos?

By Staff Author on July 05, 2018

About This Quiz

It would be a "sign off" on every commercial, for example, "by Mattel" or "by Hasbro". The logos were shown on the toy box, on the opening scenes to the video game, on the cards or accessories in the game, you name it. It's amazing how much brand advertising is absorbed as a child and still stays with us as adults. And let's not forget adult games, like Trivial Pursuit® and Cranium® -- those toy brands stay in our brains as well. 

But a toy doesn't make a brand. A brand contains the toy and all the extensions of the toy. Take for instance, My Little Pony. It's not just a single pony, but all My Little Pony friends, T-shirts, toothbrushes, purses, movies, books and so much more. That's how a toy can become a brand. In board games, take Monopoly for instance, the brand itself contains an amazing number of board games -- over 1000 -- tailored to different audiences. You can play the Chicago edition, the Betty Bop edition, the Simpson edition, editions in different languages and so many others. Learn a little about the background of the toys that have become brands and the brands that sell many of the toys and games you love. You'll be delighted by how much you know, even with a partial logo. Challenge yourself and play to win.  

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