Can We Guess if You're a Navy Veteran?

By Zoe Samuel on May 15, 2018

About This Quiz

It's true what the Village People told us: in the Navy, you really can sail the seven seas, set your mind at ease, and join your fellow man (or woman)! The Navy offers a job opportunity for almost anyone - that is, as long as that person is willing to work really hard, play equally hard, travel the world, and secure the borders of America and her allies from now until the end of time. 

Still, subject to those requirements, there are a great many job opportunities to be had within the Navy. There are pilots, chaplains, bakers, commissioned officers, and air traffic control. There are engineers and divers and designers and drone pilots and medics. There are strategic command, submarine commanders, and sailors.

That means it's very hard to tell if a person was in the Navy merely by looking at their job because almost any skill set might have been developed while sailing with your fellow man on those seven seas. However, specific values of the Navy will shine through. Most veterans are insatiably neat. They're great at teamwork. They know how to show up on time, and they never watch the clock. They go above and beyond, and they know the value of loyalty - and that it is a two-way street. Tell us about you, and we'll see if you fit the bill!

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