90% of People Can't Match These Iconic Cars to the Films or TV Shows They're From. Can You?

By Olivia C. on June 07, 2018

About This Quiz

Films and TV shows all have their memorable storylines, lovable characters, and interesting endings. But some of these flicks and programs may have also featured some other memorable, lovable, and interesting elements in them -- cars!

Yep, you read that right! There are so many films where four-wheeled vehicles stole the scene that they're more known as "that film with this kind of car!" There are also some endearing films where the cars seem to become part of the story, and they feel like they're one of the characters important in the development of the narrative. And of course, being of Hollywood fare, there are indeed films and TV shows where the cars actually become actual characters themselves! This interesting quiz has 'em all! 

But more often than not, these cars -- of whatever build, size, and make -- actually serve as extensions of the personalities of the characters who own or drive them. Scriptwriters and filmmakers don't just accidentally put these cars in there, just for props. They always serve an important role in the narrative -- that's why they take us for a better spin while watching.

So you think you can identify many of the famous and very iconic vehicles from films and TV shows? If you're a huge follower of pop culture over the decades, this quiz will be a cinch for you. So rev up, and gear up for it!


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