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By: Bambi Turner
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Are you the type of person who is always the first to spot Waldo? Are you a word search master, crossword champ, or Sudoku expert? If puzzles are your thing, see if you have what it takes to ace this quiz of visual riddles!  There's no way to Google the answers here, you'll have to use your raw brainpower!

Many common phrases, idioms, places and objects can be represented by pictures. Taking the time to unscramble the pictures or notice how they are arranged can help them take on a much larger meaning than what you see at first glance -- turning snowflakes into a snowman, or transforming seemingly unrelated images or jumbled letters into a brilliant play on words. Of course, not all of these visual riddles will be simple to solve; you'll need to look beyond the obvious and train your eyes -- and your brain -- to see things in a different light. That means not only noticing what the picture looks like, but what might not be quite right about it, or what details might be calling out for your attention. 

Think you've got what it takes to puzzle out the answers to these tricky visual riddles? Take our quiz to prove your genius status!

You gotta put these two clues together to get the right answer. The arrow is pointing down, and when you combine it with the staircase, you come up with downstairs. Genius!

Did you guess that this one is mailbox? It's a simple trick to combine a letter -- mail -- with a good old cardboard box to create "mailbox."

See that lamp? It's a type of light. When you add it to the house you see in the picture, you end up with a lighthouse -- a structure used to guide ships around rocks and outcroppings.

Solving this riddle is a matter of combining these two items. Start with the tool you see -- it's a level -- to get the first half, and combine it with the body part in the image -- a head -- to get the final answer.

Combine these two things to find one everyday item. Start with the door, then add the ringing object you see next to it and -- voila! -- you've got yourself a doorbell.

Historically, the worlds major water bodies were known as the seven seas -- and included the Arctic, Indian, Antarctica, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific and South Pacific. If you count the letters in this image, you'll find there are seven, and all are C's.

Two buses stacked one on top of the other? Yup, that must be a double-decker bus. This mass transit design has been in use since the 1840s in the UK, but back then, it was powered by a horse rather than an engine.

Combine this pair of lips with a simple stick and what have you got? Why lipstick of course! Cherry red if you dare, or go for nudes if you prefer something more subtle.

See that stick of gloriously greasy butter? Combine it with the pesky fly you see next to it, and you've got yourself a beautiful butterfly.

No matter what the weather is doing in your neck of the woods, it's snowing in this quiz! Those flurrying flakes of snow combined with the man in the picture gives us a snowman. You can call him Frosty if you like.

In 1877, British author Anne Sewell penned a novel called "Black Beauty," which generations of children have since fallen in love with. Visual geniuses will notice that the word beauty in this image is written in black -- giving us an image of black beauty.

The London Underground -- a major mass transit system -- has been in service in some form since 1863. In this image, the word London is shown below ground level, giving us the London underground.

See that big ol' pile of gold? Combine it with the fish in the image and you've got yourself a goldfish - a freshwater fish that is actually one of the smallest members of the carp family.

Yes, that's a pen you see. When you combine it with the body part in the image -- a knee -- you've got yourself a penny, worth exactly one cent.

This image shows a single word -- baked. Except it's not all there. In fact, you might say it's half baked -- a slang term used to describe something or someone that's not fully thought out, or not quite all the way there.

This is a simple word puzzle. Combine the dog in the image with the house you see and you've got yourself a doghouse fit for the pickiest pooch!

It's raining, it's pouring ... and when you combine that with the nondescript jacket you see here, you've got yourself a raincoat. Don't forget your galoshes!

Here we have the word cop, and the word cover. With the cop UNDER the cover. Eagle-eyed quiz takers will agree that this image is clearly meant to illustrate an undercover cop.

What's that hidden inside of the word Wonderland? Why it's Alice herself! Clearly, we are looking at Alice in Wonderland, an 1865 children's classic by Lewis Carroll.

At first glance, it might not seem like these two objects go together -- but think again. One is just a finger, and the other a nail. Put them together, and what else would you end up with but a fingernail?

Yup, that's a cup! And next to it, a cake. Sugar lovers everywhere know this image is giving us a glimpse at that sweet treat -- the cupcake.

See the word prison? But something's not quite right ... that's because the word is broken. Looks like we have a prison break!

People with magnificent gardens are said to have green thumbs -- like the ones in this image. The green hue you see here is the hint to this riddle.

Hmm ... here we have a pair of words, but it is the arrangement of these words that is the key to solving this riddle. Because the word play is on top of the word "words," what we are looking at is obviously a play on words.

Well, the key to solving this one is that the first picture is just a simple key. When you put that together with the other object you see -- a board -- you've got yourself a keyboard.

Because you're sleeping all night, you're too busy to eat, forcing your body into a fast by default. When you have your first meal of the day, you're breaking that fast. That's why the first meal of the day is known as breakfast. In this puzzle, the word fast has been broken, giving us the meal we all know and love.

Here we have a pair of images, but it's the way they are positioned to one another that reveals the answer to this riddle. We have a man positioned above -- or over -- a board. But them together and you've got the call no one wants to hear at sea -- man overboard!

At first glance, this looks like a jumble of letters. look a little closer, however, and you'll find the key to solving this riddle. Within this jumble, you'll find the word "fork." The letters around it spell "the road." It looks like we've come to a fork in the road.

Here we have the word job. Seems confusing, until you see what's hiding inside -- the word "an." That an is inside of job, making this an inside job.

Hmm ... another jumble of letters. But look closer, and you'll find the word "lost" hiding inside another phrase. The answer to this riddle is lost in translation.

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