Can You Identify The Car Brand From A Photo Of The Car Part?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Youtube via Vanguard Motor Sales

About This Quiz

Cars: since their beginnings, they have stolen our imagination. Yes, in their foundations, they looked like blocks on wheels. But as engines became more powerful, design became critical. 

Car engineers at the time worked out that things like aerodynamics could not only make their cars go faster but save on gas as well. Slowly but surely, car design became a science, with many, many hours put into each new model built by hundreds of car companies around the world. Modern cars, for example, are the result of hundreds of people, working on every element of design, and finally into manufacturing the final product. 

Now if you show you an image of a car, as an auto nut, you will quickly tell us the make and model. So in this quiz, we are really going to put your car knowledge to the ultimate test. No longer do you get to see the whole car but now, it's just a single part or section of the car that you will see. Don't worry. It is something significant, however, to help you identify it. Of course, if you struggling, our hints will put you on the right path.

So what are you waiting for? Go for gold in the ultimate car brand identification quiz!

Good luck!

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