Can You Identify All Of These MGs From An Image?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: By Detectandpreserve, from Wikimedia Commons /// Hammerhai1 via youtube /// By Spencer Wright (Flickr: Morris Oxford (RK 6284)), via Wikimedia Commons /// By Navigator84, from Wikimedia Commons

About This Quiz

As a car aficionado, you will already know that MG is a revered brand in automobile circles. 

The company was formed way back in 1924 by founder, Cecil Kimber. But why MG? Well, Kimber chose the initials MG first to acknowledge his employer, William Morris and second to mark the business he owned, Morris Garages. And hence the name MG was born. 

And soon, MG was making vehicles for the public. But they did more than that. MGs were often entered into races; in fact, an MG won the 1933 Mille Miglia, an Italian race. In doing so, MG became the first marque that was not Italian to win the prestigious event. 

After that event, MGs quickly became very popular, even gaining a famous customer in the form of the Duke of Edinburgh, who bought his first MG in 1947.

By 1956, 100,000 MGs of various models had been made by the company and sold to a legion of fans across the globe. A little over 20 years later, this figure had risen to 1 million!

Over the years, there have been many MG models. The question is, could you name them from looking at a single image? 

Time to put on your thinking cap!

Good luck!

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