Can You Identify These Famous Race Cars From An Image?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: By Wonker Wonker from London, United Kingdom (Rolling Start), via Wikimedia Commons

About This Quiz

Since the automobile was invented, man has raced them ... even when they were not particularly fast! In fact, the first motor race was held in France, the Paris-Rouen, as far back as 1884.

In the United States, the Milwaukee Mile saw action from 1903 onward. It was first a horse racing track, however. It remains to this day! The track first built for cars exclusively was the Knoxville Raceway, with the first automobile race held there in 1901. 

But enough about the tracks. Although they play an important part, they are nothing without the cars that race around them! And over the years, there have been many incredible race cars, both in Europe and in America. And in this quiz, we will test your knowledge of the race cars that have graced tracks all over the world. 

And they take in a range of Motorsport categories from endurance racing such as the famous Le Mans 24-hour race in France, to perhaps the pinnacle of Motorsport, the Formula One Championship. Now not all of these cars may have actually won a championship or even a race, but they are no doubt famous for some reason or other.

The question is, can you identify them from a single image?

Good luck!

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