Japan, Korea, or China: Can You Identify Which Country These Cars Were Produced In?

By: Craig Taylor
Image: Youtube via The Car Commercial Kawna Turapan

About This Quiz

Now here is a quiz that will put your auto knowledge to the test!

In this quiz, we will see just how much you know about car manufacturers in Asia, specifically those in Japan, Korea and China. 

Now you know that Japan has been producing quality cars for a number of decades and started exporting them all over the world from the 1960s. Korea, too, has an extensive network of automakers, with many modern models now available around the world. What you may not be aware of is that China has also gotten in on the act, and a number of its car makers also export their cars all around the globe.

Always at the cutting edge of technology, these models are thoroughly modern and just as good as anything their European or American cousins, for that matter, can produce.

The question remains, however, would you be able to identify them? With just a single image to go by, could you tell if a vehicle comes from Korea, Japan or China? Although you may think this is a simple test, it certainly isn't and you are going to have to use all of your car knowledge to ace it.

Why not give it a go?

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