Can You Pick the Right "A" Animal for Each Question?

By: Torrance Grey
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Sure, as a kid you were probably asked to name animals that started with "a" (and other letters). How many did you think of back then? Sure, there's the alligator, the armadillo, the ant and the lovable aardvark. Not to mention the ... um, the  ... It gets difficult pretty quick, doesn't it?

Don't worry -- we're not going to make you rattle off a list. Instead, we'll give you a clue, and you pick the right "A" animal from a choice of four. Sounds easy, right? Trust us, it might get difficult. For example, do you know the difference between an African penguin and an auk? Or which "a" animal is also known as the Mexican salamander and the Mexican walking fish? 

Our quiz encompasses creatures from all seven continents (it helps that we're including several animals whose name begins with "Arctic," like the Arctic fox and Arctic hare) and all kinds of habitats. Some are commonly known, but others are quite rare -- and, sadly, endangered. And just for you dog lovers, we've got a short "man's best friend" round, in which you can show off how well you know the Affenpinscher from the Airedale. 

Are you ready, animal lovers? We're crossing our fingers that you'll get an "A" on our quiz!

We love these for their industrious work habits ... and hate them for spoiling picnics.

It eats mostly ants and termites, but shouldn't be confused with the anteater.

This bird was the star, or villain, of Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner."

In America, these are found mostly in Louisiana and Florida.

This is the only kind of snake that lives in England.

Nicki Minaj used the name of this animal as a song title.

This African "ground pig" is the last living member of its order.

This endangered species, similar to water buffalo, is found in Indonesia.

This "poor venomous fool" might have helped Cleopatra in her suicide.

This animal is valued for its soft hair.

Outside zoos, these only live in the U.S. and China.

Like the llamas, they spit when threatened.

This animal's nose is long and cylindrical, like the nozzle of a canister vacuum.

Its name means "earth wolf" in Afrikaans.

These animals graze in herds, mostly in Africa.

This species is also known as the polar rabbit.

Its name means "little armored one."

This shore wader is known for its upwardly curved bill.

Unsurprisingly, this has snow-white fur for camouflage.

Like bees, these have a queen, drones and workers.

This is the largest land animal.

You can find these living in the Himalayas, among other places.

These are more widely found in Canada than the United States.

These are strong swimmers, with some similarities to penguins.

These animals, found chiefly in South America, resemble guinea pigs.

You're more likely to see these at a pet store than anywhere else.

These are smaller than their African counterparts, especially the ears.

These are often farmed for their fur.

This animal has the colorful nickname "Mexican walking fish."

From its name, you might think this animal quite agreeable!

The African cousin to this animal is found in much larger numbers.

Man's best friend round, part 1: Which of these dogs would do best in cold weather?

Man's best friend round, part 2: Which of these dogs originated in Australia?

Man's best friend round, part 3: This little black dog is sometimes called the monkey terrier.

Bonus question: In what kind of habitat would you find the Arctic Monkeys?

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