Can You Name This Taco Bell Item from a Photo?

By: J.P. Naomi
Image: POPSUGAR via Youtube

About This Quiz

Are you a Taco Bell fanatic? Does the pretty pink bell call to you in the middle of the night or perhaps on your ride home from work? If so, this quiz is just for you! Are you up for the challenge? We want to know ... can you recognize this Taco Bell menu item from just one image? It's time to roll that soft taco and take that savory bite! But first, here are a few fun facts...

Did you know that Taco Bell was started in 1962 by a man named Glen Bell? Well the bell has tolled! Beginning with just one location in California, Taco Bell now enjoys the profits of 7,000 locations across the world! And here's another number that will blow your mind... Taco Bell not only serves two BILLION customers each year, its revenue is also two BILLION dollars! Talk about a taco empire! So do you think you have the smarts to ace this menu quiz? It's time to find out!

Pull around to the drive through or park that car and head on inside for this ultimate Taco Bell menu quiz! We apologize in advance, you might hungry while taking it! Good luck and bon appetit!

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