Can You Name These Famous Cars from Movies and TV?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: NBCUniversal Television

About This Quiz

Some of us go to the movies or watch television for the great actors and actresses showing their talents. Others love the pure escapism that movies and TV shows give us, taking us away from our worldly problems for a brief period. But gas heads, they go for one thing only. The cars! You can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as a movie comes out with an interesting vehicle in it, they are the first in line to see it.

And why not? In so many movies and TV series, the vehicles end up stealing the show more often than not. They leave an impression in our minds and a yearning for the chance to just take them for one spin, or better yet, actually park them in our garages.

Over the years, both TV and the movies have given us classic vehicles. Some make brief appearances, others are involved in the most epic of car chases while a few are used as the daily rides of our heroes and heroines.

So in this quiz, we are going to test your knowledge of cars and vehicles that have appeared in both television shows and in the movies over a number of decades. If you love the silver screen and cars, you stand a good chance of finishing in pole position!

Start your engine! Go!

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