Can You Match These Drag Racers with Their Cars?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Youtube via nhra

About This Quiz

Drag racing is an extremely popular sport in the United States.

It has certainly come a long way from the illegal races held on back roads in the 1940s and 1950s. Shrewd businessmen soon realized the potential of this form of racing and legal drag strips with legalized racing soon popped up throughout the country. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Racers like Don Garlits, recognized as the father of drag racing, came to the fore. Amid the smell of rubber and gas, drag racers quickly became legends in the racing scene. But not just them, their cars as well. Why? Well, you see, they were standard cars that the public could buy off a showroom floor.

Of course, they were tuned to peak performance but the public loved the fact that these cars were available to them as well. Many drag racers quickly made their names in the sport. Drivers such as Raymond Beadle, Don Prudhomme, and Ronnie Sox, amongst others, became household names. Their cars were often just as famous as they were.

In this quiz, we want you to match a drag racing driver, from past and present, to his or her vehicle.  It's easier in some cases than others!

Good luck!

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