Can You Match the MLB Player to Their Jersey Number?

By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Youtube via MLBHighlights2012

About This Quiz

Batter up! Do you consider yourself a true baseball fan? Can you rattle off wins, losses, batting averages and well, jersey numbers!? Or do you just like to go to games for Cracker Jacks, hot dogs and cold beverages? It's time to find out with this ultimate quiz!

From Lou Gehrig to Cal Ripken Jr., from Chipper Jones to Reggie Jackson, this quiz is sure to test your visual and well, numerical memory! It's time to don your baseball hat and close your eyes. Smell the fresh-cut greens of that baseball diamond and just picture that lucky number 7 across Mickey Mantle's back! Or how about the 34 that was just retired by the Boston Red Sox! We all know who that belonged to right? The one, the only, David "Big Papi" Ortiz! 

You see, every day, baseball players proudly pull their jerseys over their heads. They jog out onto that field hoping to leave a lasting impression not just in the sport, but also in your hearts. So what better way to associate them than with their numbers. And what better way to honor them when they've hung up their cleats than to retire those numbers!

It's time to see if your memory serves you well enough to knock this quiz out of the park! Think you can do it? Or will you be one, two, three strikes and out?! Now batting ... you! Step up to the plate and let's see what you've got!

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