Can You Match the Dress Uniform with the Military Branch?

By: Olivia C
Image: By U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jhi L. Scott, via Wikimedia Commons // By U.S. Navy File Photo (, via Wikimedia Commons // By United States Army (United States Army Institute of Heraldry), via Wikimedia Commons

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Yep, the people in the military wear dresses, too!

But their kind of dress is different from how us civilians use this term on a daily basis. For one, When the military says dress uniform, that pertains to specialized uniforms worn on special occasions. A full dress, therefore, is kinda like their version of our formal wear. 

You can see a lot of this military style formal wear in the movies and TV shows. Since we can't regularly attend formal functions where they dress up this way, it's only through the media that we can see most of these various dresses.

Their full dress uniform is also tantamount to their formal office attire. Perhaps in the corporate world, this is equivalent to the power suit or the business suit. Yes, men and women also have varying requirements for a full dress uniform. And sometimes, the armed forces also assign different types of full dress uniforms with varying colors and designs. 

So, you think you can identify which of the branches of the US armed forces wear these certain full dress uniforms for formal wear, for special occasions, or specific formal enactments of special services or duties? We've also thrown in a handful of British armed forces full dresses in there, too, since theirs also look very interesting and distinguishable. 

Try it now!

This is the standard US Navy service dress blue for junior enlisted men. The sailor suit is similar to the one worn in the Crackerjack box illustration, hence the nickname.

This drill sergeant hat is called a campaign cover or campaign hat. All of the branches, except for the Navy, use this, with their added variations.

This is the honor guard uniform of the US Air Force Drill Team. They are worn for special ceremonies.

This is what they wear at the US Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon. It’s perfect for showing off some drill skills on formal occasions.

The US Marine Corps Color Guard wears this special dress uniform for special occasions. It’s more than formal wear, because it’s ceremonial.

Officers and enlisted junior men have differently designed dress uniforms. This is for the US Navy.

This is for the US Navy. Usually, the difference with women’s versions lie in wearing skirts.

Specifically, this is the Red Dress worn by the US Marine Corps Band. It’s cool to see them play wearing the uniform.

This is for the US Army. ASU stands for Army Service Uniform.

This is for the US Army. The Army Service Uniform for women has variations in design with the men’s one.

It is said that the US Marine Corps has the most elaborate full dress and mess dress varieties. Maybe this Evening Dress is proof of that.

This is for the US Marine Corps. They have various dress requirements for various formal occasions and functions.

This is for the US Navy. The service dress uniform is meant to be their version of the formal office attire wear.

This is for the US Navy. The khaki was a later addition to their original uniforms.

This is for the US Coast Guard. They have different dress uniforms, too.

This is for the US Coast Guard. Military branches adjust their dress uniforms according to weather conditions, too.

This is the Red Dress worn by the US Marine Drum and Bugle Corps. It’s easy to spot!

US Navy officers have more elaborate coats with varying ribbons and medals. Their rank is also placed there somewhere.

This is for the US Navy. Non-officers wear this one.

This is under the US Air Force. It seems that they have this special Equestrian Competition Service Dress Configuration when performing official duties in partnership with the US Equestrian Federation.

This is worn by the US Military Academy at West Point. They are under the US Army.

This is under the US Air Force Academy. Cadets wear this full dress uniform on special occasions.

The familiar-looking Irish Guards is a regiment of the British Army. They’re all over the UK when there’s a ceremony.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland is still part of the British Army. This is an infantry regiment made up of Scottish soldiers.

This is for the US Army. The ASU is worn as a formal attire when not in combat.

The US Army’s Army Service Uniform has had redesigns over the years. This is for the women.

The British Army has the mounted King’s Troop, Royal Horse Artillery. They wear this cavalry style full dress on during parades and special occasions.

This is for the US Marine Corps. They have a lot of different service dresses.

This is for the women in the US Marine Corps. This formal wear is also worn in the office.

This is US Air Force Reserve Pipe Band. They wear this during special occasions.

The US Marine Corps really has a lot of dress requirements. This is called the Blue Dress A.

This is for the US Marine Corps. There are regulations in wearing uniforms, too.

This is for the US Navy. Only officers wear this.

This is for the female officers in the US Navy. There are a lot of women in the Navy now.

This is for the Royal Marines Band Service. They call this the Number 1 Full Dress, worn only by this division.

The British Army’s Household Cavalry has two divisions. This is the Blues and Royals.

The British Army’s Household Cavalry’s other division is called the Life Guards. Their color differs from that of the Blues and Royals.

This is the US Air Force Band. Yes, they play that way.

The US Coast Guard has their own distinct dress uniforms. This is the Service Dress.

This is for the US Coast Guard. They have various Service Dress colors in their requirement.

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