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Fast food is food that is mass produced and usually takes a shorter time, on average, to be prepared and cooked. Hence the name. Because it is prepared so quickly and because it is so cheap, it is usually not as healthy as food that takes longer to be served and food that is more expensive. Because of its convenience, many people have become fans of this kind of food. Are you one of them?

Now we're not judging you based on how much you eat fast food. In fact, you may do extremely well on this quiz if you do eat lots of it (although your health may be at risk). All we want to test really is how many logos you can identify. But there's a twist because we aren't going to make this easy for you. We're going to remove the names of the restaurants on the logos so you can try to guess which is which. 

If you think you're enough of a fast food lover or if you're just very observant and can recognize all kinds of logos, no matter if it's food or some other kind of business, go ahead and get started on this quiz. 

McDonald's is a multi-national fast food enterprise founded in 1955. The company is recognized by the golden M-shaped arches in its logo..

The Starbucks logo has undergone many changes since the company opened its doors in 1971. The circular logo features the image of a siren or "twin-tailed mermaid' in a white and green color scheme.

Fifteen years after designing its original logo in 2001, Subway revamped its logo in 2016. Though the colors remain the same, the dark border has been removed and, according to a Subway worker, it is a "reflection of the colorful array of fresh vegetables and other ingredients."

The 2016 logo design by Lippincott and TBD, replaces the previous one which was in place since 1995. The Taco Bell logo keeps the image of the bell but replaces the purple, yellow and pink shades with a solid purple color.

The current Burger King logo has been used since 1999 when it was redesigned. It has the slanted words, "Burger King," between two shiny halves of a bun and a blue swirl around that image.

Wendy's new and improved logo became a hot topic when it was released in 2013. The familiar image of the young girl's smiling face remains, but it appears that the word ‘mom" is written on her collar. Many view it as a means of subliminally fostering a connection between a home-cooked meal and a meal at Wendy's.

The Chick-fil-A logo has evolved over time. Initially, it was black with a dash of red, until a brighter shade of the latter was later introduced. The logo is now fully red with the company name in an attractive cursive font.

Traditionally, yellow black, and red were the colors of the Pizza Hut logo. Thanks to the red "rooftop" design, it was more flamboyant than the new 2014 logo. The latter features the company name in a reddish circle with a white rooftop instead.

The original 1960 logo featured bright colors of red blue and white to attract customers. The current 2012 version still has the image of domino tiles but no longer has the word" pizza" included in the logo.

Sonic is one of the most lucrative fast food chains in the United States. The current 1998 logo features the word "Sonic" in bold red letters against a yellow background, with the words "America's Drive-In" written at the bottom.

The image of a smiling Harland Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), can also be seen on the company's logo. The depiction shows him in a bow tie with his classical goatee against a red background.

Applebee's is a successful restaurant franchise with its headquarters in the United States. In the logo, a red apple sits on top of the company's name, which is showcased in green. The green tagline, "Together is good," is underscored just under the name.

In 2012, the new logo for the enterprise was revealed, to include a logo that better represented the company's ideals. The depiction of the buffalo remains but this time as a more masculine version. The words "Grill & Bar" have been omitted and replaced with "Wings. Beers. Sports," to showcase the business as a hub for sports fans.

Before the Arby's logo became the now popular red hat, it was instead a huge cowboy hat with the words "Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich is Delicious," inside. In 1975, as a means of embracing the changing times, the logo was altered to feature a red hat and the company's name in red. It was tweaked a few times afterward, but the features more or less remain the same.

The pizza company, Little Caesar's, updated their logo to include a full bodied depiction of the new and improved Caesar, with human-like fingers and no chest hair.

The current Dairy Queen franchise has the abbreviation DQ featured in its company logo. This 2006 version is still used today and is a more polished version of the previous one; italicised letters and swirls of orange and blue represent the foods sold.

Throughout the 1950s and '60s, the Jack in the Box franchise had a series of logos, all varying versions of a colored box with a clown head popping out. However, in 2009, a plain red box with the company name is the new 3D logo.

For decades, the International House of Pancakes, IHOP, used a logo with the company's name, a blue background and the word "restaurant" depicted in an arched banner. However, the new 2015 logo uses some aspects of the same symbol, except this time with a much happier arc, in the shape of a smile.

Papa John's is one of those business enterprises that has not had any major rebranding or alterations done to its logo. The name of the company stands out in bold letters, with the famous tagline "Better ingredients, better pizza" at the bottom-a symbol of tradition and loyalty.

Apart from the changes in a few fonts, the logo for Denny's restaurant has remained consistent throughout the years. The logo is quite simple, with the company's name in a reddish font with a yellow background.

The new logo for T.G.I. Friday's, which was revealed in 2013, has a few changes. The apostrophe in Friday's is omitted and the logo features a brighter red while still keeping the border design with diagonal stripes.

The 7-Eleven logo features the company name in vivid colors of orange, green and red. The logo also has a mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters, which has been the subject of speculation and debate by many that are curious about this new style.

Graphic designer DJ Stout designed the new and improved logo for the popular restaurant, Popeye's. An orange P is enclosed in a red circle with the words "Louisiana Kitchen" inside, along with Popeye's crest. This is different from the quirky logo the company had for years.

The Golden Corral restaurant chain was opened in 1973 as a business specializing in hearty meals families can enjoy. The logo of the company is in keeping with this and has ‘golden corral buffet & grill" splayed across an orange background.

This fast food restaurant had its logo officially redesigned in 2017. The new logo no longer has the red background or the words "Charbroiled Burgers." Carl's Jr. has a new slogan, "Pioneers of The Great American Burger," which will be used and included in the company's rebranding efforts.

The Texas burger chain, Whataburger, has been in existence since 1950. The logo features a large orange "Flying W" with the company's name at the bottom. In 2016, the creators of the Wonderwoman superhero film and Whataburger were in conflict over the film's usage of the fast food's "W."

Five Guys is a fast food restaurant established in 1986 and named in honor of the sons of its founder, Jerry Murrel. The lucrative food chain enterprise has a basic logo with the words "Five Guys Burgers and Fries" in bold red letters against a white backdrop.

This 1952 fast food chain has made many changes to its logo over the years. The company has evolved from the black, white and green colors used in the 1970s to feature yellow, blue and red with their symbols in the early 2000s and onwards.

Owls have been synonymous with Hooters restaurant since its inception in 1983. In 2013, the logo was altered slightly and a sleeker looking owl was introduced. "Hooters" is still written across the bird, with the owl's eyes as the "oo" in Hooters.

The Quiznos restaurant was established in 1981 and was very successful in the early 2000s. Its logos have been featured in shades of green over the years; light green was used in 1981, dark green in 1994 and finally green and red have been used in their current 2006 logo.

This donut and coffee house establishment which was founded in 1950 by William Rosenburg. The logo of the brand consists of a red and pink color scheme. It has a white cup with two uppercase Ds on it in red and pink respectively and the words Dunkin Donuts written in uppercase letters.

This American-based fast food restaurant is operated by CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc. As a result of the merger with CKE, the logo now contains a star from the Carl's Jr. logo as well as a change in the font. In 2017, the red border and banner were swapped for a black background for the Hardees' brand.

The Panda Express logo contains a panda within a red circle and the words "Panda Express" above the panda, following the arc of a red bordered white circle that encapsulates the logo.

CiCi's pizzeria changed its logo from a circular design which said CiCi's Pizza to a linear design which says "CiCi's Beyond Pizza." The company stated in a press release in 2015 that the change was made because the restaurant has diversified its menu and offers more than just pizzas.

White Castle's first logo was created when the franchise first opened in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921. It was in black and white and consisted of a corner view of castle walls with the words "White Castle" stretching across it. The logo has since been redesigned slightly and the words "White Castle" are now more compact.

In 2015, the Sbarro pizza house launched its new logo, which was designed by Sterling-Rice Group. It still has the green, red and white color combo of the previous logo but now features the outline of a pizza with the company name written across.

Waffle House is a restaurant franchise that was established by Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner in 1955. The logo for the company is simple; it features the words "Waffle House" in black Scrabble-like letters.

Though the Red Robin fast food chain was founded in 1969, the logo has not undergone much change. Throughout the years it has kept the restaurant's name written in bright red with slight variations around it, such as a robin mascot, or the most recent, the red arc.

Baskin Robbins is an American Ice cream chain with a simple pink and blue logo. The logo consists of the company's name underneath the initials BR, which also double as a 31- a reference to the well-known fact that the company serves 31 ice cream flavors.

In-N-Out burger has kept the same logo throughout their years. Opened in 1948, the fast-food restaurant has a simple logo that consists of the restaurant's name and an arrow moving from the bottom middle to the top left and ends at the top right.

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