Can You Figure Out What These Trucks and Construction Items Are Made to Do?

By: Robin Tyler
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If you love your machinery big and strong, you have certainly come to the right place.

Construction sites in today's day and age are filled with machinery that our forefathers could only dream of. In years gone by, none of these heavy machines existed and any construction was a case of blood, sweat and tears. Let's not forget time, lots of it.

Today, not only a range of heavy-duty machinery but various modern tools make construction far simpler and certainly save construction companies time. And as they say, time is money. 

The sheer number of machines available on a construction site is simply staggering. Of course, we know the regulars like a digger, a bulldozer and maybe even a crane. These all operate on site while large dump trucks move between the site and dumping areas, taking away unneeded soil, sand or gravel. 

Those are the easy ones to recognize. But have you ever seen a crawler loader? What about a feller buncher? Or a quad trencher? Yes, these all exist and play a crucial part in construction sites around the world.

So the question is, if we tell you what the vehicle is, would you be able to guess what job it does on the site?

Let's see, shall we?

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