Can You Figure Out the Mustang Model Year from a Photo?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Youtube via Doug DeMuro

About This Quiz

Is there a more iconic muscle car than the Ford Mustang? 

In our minds, even though Chevrolet, AMX, Dodge, Plymouth and many other automakers have released their own incredible models, the 'Pony' is often the first car that comes to mind when you think of America's more iconic muscle cars.

The motoring public loved it when it was first introduced and the 1965 model, the first, surpassed sales figures... and then some. Ford could almost not keep up with the demand. 

That said, no marque of this famous car has ever been a hit. In the 1970's, in particular, the second generation was underpowered. This wasn't technically Ford's fault as the oil crisis in the Middle East meant car designers were moving away from gas guzzling V8 monsters to more fuel-efficient engines. 

Thankfully, in the 2000's, the Mustang is right back where it belongs, with impressive looks, massive V8 engines, speed and acceleration... lots of it! And its traditional rivals, like the Challenger and the Corvette, have come out to play as well.

But back to the 'Stang. If we show you an image, do you think you could guess the model year of the vehicle? 

This is a tough one, good luck!

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