Can You Answer These Fun Animal Riddles?

By: Stella Alexander
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He calls in the morning, the day to renew. If his owner get hungry, he'll be turned to stew. What is he? If you answered rooster, you're ready for this quiz! Forget everything about the man going to St. Ives. Rather than classic riddles, we're here to test if you can think outside the box when it comes to animals! 

In both history and fiction, riddles seem to be quite a dramatic question. One might be faced with a sphinx as they try to come up with an answer. Others are trying to make it over the bridge and past the troll. While these questions might seem difficult at first, once you get one answer, it opens up your mind to thinking outside the box.

It's easy to recall that while penguins and zebras are only ever black and white, animals like dogs, bears, and birds can vary in color. Colors might help you for some, but others will cause you to think outside the norm. What do they eat? How do they act? It rows quickly with four oars but never comes out from under his own roof. What is it? Answer: A turtle. Are you getting it now? Let's find out! Challenge your friends and let's see who's more in touch with animals!

I like to hop around. I'm a tadpole when I'm young. I am green and I croak. And catch flies with my long tongue.

10 fish are in a bowl but 4 drown. How many fish are left?

This is a type of animal of which Nutkin was a male. They climb trees and collect nuts, and they have a bushy tail.

The cow is my cousin. If you see my name, you'll know what I mean. What am I?

It's a very common pet. A baby is called a kitten. The number of lives it has is said to be less than ten.

What king can you make if you take the head of a lamb, the middle of a pig, the hind of a buffalo, and the tail of a dragon?

I'm a pet that has four legs, and a tail at the end. You might hear me barking, and I'm known as man's best friend.

My name is spelled similar to a type of alcohol and like a drunk, I can sleep for a long time. What am I?

They live in a field. Milk is what they make. They help give us leather and a juicy steak.

There's lot of me at Thanksgiving, but you don't want me to be wasted. Because my meat's really juicy just so long as I have been basted.

Some types slither on the ground, and some can live up in the trees. Adders, vipers and cobras, what kind of animals are these?

My first is in window but not in pane. My second's in road but not in lane. My third is in oval but not in round. My fourth is in hearing but not in sound. My whole is known as a sign of peace. And from Noah's ark won quick release.

I like to use my long tongue to eat leaves from tops of trees. I don't have to climb up though. With my long neck, it's a breeze.

Where do rabbits go to enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner?

I am known as a king. The jungle's where I reign. It is hard to tame me, and I have a large mane.

In a tree you'll find me moving slow as can be. My name is a sin but from them I am free. What am I?

This provides meat that you would eat when breakfast you are makin'. A chicken is what gives the eggs and this is what gives bacon.

What animal should you never trust?

You might be called this animal if someone thinks that you're afraid. This is something that you might eat as well as its egg that it laid.

It's small but larger than a bee, and agile as a flea. It hums but does not buzz, and it's not covered with fuzz. It is a small collector of juicy flower nectar. What is it?

My wings are used as flippers, so in water I can flow. Sometimes when on land I slide on my belly in the snow.

I have a cape but I'm not a superhero. I have a comb but never use it for my hair. What am I?

I travel very slowly when gliding along the ground. Maybe my shell weighs me down. In your garden I am found.

Agile on my feet, I drive dogs mad. I flick my tail when I'm angry and hum when I'm glad. What am I?

What are all these animals? Marmoset and capuchin. Macaque, spider and baboon. A mandrill and tamarin.

My first is in ocean but never in sea. My second's in wasp but never in bee. My third is in glider and also in flight. My whole is a creature that comes out at night.

I'm an animal you might love, but I'm too big to be your pet. I have an extremely long trunk, it's said I never forget.

I am partly blind but can still see. I have legs but only use them for sleeping. What am I?

Some people are scared of this creature because it can have a big bite. So be careful out in the ocean. One of its kind is a great white.

One of these is Cupid but it doesn't have a bow. Instead it pulls a sleigh through the air and lands on snow.

This is something black and white but it's not an old TV. It's a type of animal that starts with the letter Z.

I move without wings between silken strings. I leave as you find my substance behind. What am I?

If you see one when you're camping, it might give you a big fright. They can be black, brown, or grizzly, and pandas are black and white.

I have three letters. Cut one off and I become stronger. Cut two off and I become ten. What am I?

A stallion's a male. A female is a mare. You can ride on one of these on a carousel at a fair.

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