Can You Name All of These Cars from the '80s?

By: Bambi Turner
Image: Youtube via SaabKyle04

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Can you tell the difference between a Plymouth and a Mercury from just one glance? Think you can recognize a Celica, Camaro or Caravan? Know the difference between the Integra, the M3 and the 190E? If you think you can recognize all these makes and models without breaking a sweat, you just might have what it takes to ace this '80s car quiz!

The '80s were a time of huge technological and cultural change. We took our tunes to go thanks to the Walkman, and started recording our lives with hand-held camcorders. The personal computer went from the size of a room to something small enough to fit in your home office, and the world wide web began to connect people across the globe.

Of course, the automotive industry wasn't immune to all that '80s progress. This decade was the first in the history of the automobile when the industry truly became globalized. Gone were the sharp lines of the '70s, replaced by smoother, sportier and more aerodynamic curves. Ever increasing safety and emissions standards forced manufacturers to push the limits of technology and design. 

Buyers who had been hit with fuel shortages in the '70s were eager to invest in more fuel-efficient cars instead of the gas guzzlers so beloved by previous generations. And throughout the decade, cars, like all goods, became increasingly consumer-driven -- forcing automakers to continuously innovate in terms of style and performance to keep buyers interested.

Think you can name the classic cars of the '80s from a single image? Take our quiz to find out!

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